COMING SOON !!!! | ÒLAH BLISS – ’13:20′ EP | New Music

ÒLAH BLISS is the definition of a powerful goddess who is certain to be an icon for girls everywhere, and this icon is about to come smashing onto the music scene when she releases her debut EP that is set to teach the world about sexuality, liberation and shattering conventions, and the class starts at 13:20, and trust me you don’t want to be late.

The classroom is ÒLAH’s transcendental debut EP – ‘13:20′ and she brings these themes through her experimental soul sound and sensual, erotic, highly captivating and flawless production that has an essence of Bjork infused with vocals that will bring forward memories of Macy Gray with a touch of Erykah Badu.

ÒLAH BLISS uses her debut ‘13:20′ to capture the moment when a woman finds liberation in her power, and the overall line up of 13:20 is strong and powerful but yet remains delicate and beautiful taking inspiration from an array of sounds and eras. 13:20 denotes the time ÒLAH BLISS was born and her 13:20 debut EP marks her rebirth.

The EP is out on the 25th of February and you can check out an official cheeky video preview of track ‘School Me’ that features ÒLAH and artist Dwele right here.  So wet those appetites and get ready for an EP that promises to empower, entertain, seduce and most importantly bring ÒLAH BLISS into the spotlight that she deserves.


Shura – ‘Indecision’ | Music Video

The Anglo-Russian singer and producer Shura has just released the visuals for ‘Indecision’ which is her first single since she signed with Polydor back in September. Shura has the same nack for creating breathy subtle and sensual music that Jessie Ware has, and its such a refreshing take on Electronic/pop music. This new single is simply stunning and completely addictive with its 70’s/80’s infused element layered with that 90’s RnB.

The visuals for this track are just as brilliant, as the themes are based around a journey and a change, and give a beautiful take on gender, sexuality and identity assumptions. What is so great is that this all leads to questions, and the viewers own interpretations of what Shura’s vision was. The themes of the video are subtle and compelling and coincide so perfectly with the whole aesthetic of the track, which leaves no question as to how the song was in New Music We Trust-listed at Radio 1, and reached iTunes’ Top 10 on the Electronic chart.

Shura was also recently listed for the BBC Sound Poll, and has just been confirmed for SXSW, and as well as all of this she is currently writing and recording songs for her debut album, that is due for release later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that date.

Shura really is a women with a plan as she just seems to constantly be on the rise, so check out her latest offering right here –

Sundara Karma – ‘Loveblood’ | New Music

The Reading based 4 piece Sundara Karma who have previously been getting some attention for their unique indie sound, are now bringing you the first track to be taken from their forth coming ‘EPI’ that is titled ‘Loveblood’. Loveblood sees the band take a new route in their sound with an essence of Arcade Fire bringing a more powerful approach to their music then we have previously heard. ‘Loveblood‘ is fuelled with raspy indie rock creating a track that is utterly euphoric and proving that this quartet can really up their game, leaving me in great anticipation for their ‘EPI’ which is set to be released on February the 23rd via 203 Recordings.

Check out the boys latest track right here –

Elephant Micah X Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – ‘Demise Of The Bible Birds’ | New Music

Joseph O’Connell, aka Elephant Micah, his set to release his latest album Where In Our Woods on January 20th via Western Vinyl.  This will be his 12th album release and yet the first to be released via a major record label as in the past he has self released his albums or worked with small labels. This release follows teaser tracks “By the Canal” and “Slow Time Vultures”, and now the Indiana folk genius has teamed up with Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy for a new single entitled “Demise of the Bible Birds”.

O’Connell and Bonnie make for a brilliant duo as the two different sets of vocals harmonise together so coherently and accentuate each others own unique sounds.

Stream the new track below and keep your eyes peeled for the album release because it promises to be winner.

Laura Groves – ‘Dream Story’ | New Music

‘Dream Story’ is the stunning new track from London-based singer/songwriter Laura Groves and it comes straight off her forth coming ‘Committed Language’ EP which is set for release via DEEK Recordings on the 16th of February. ‘Dream Story’ is a rather surprising change in direction for the young artist as this new track is infused with subtle 80’s pop sounds. What is not surprising however, is that that the song is utterly beautiful, and with Laura’s last Blue Roses LP that was released back in 2009 and blew me away, it is now great to see that she hasn’t lost her touch, just freshened things up.

Laura’s new track charms and enchants the listener and completely captures your full attention with its warm sounding keys and her exquisite vocals that are so compelling, and if her upcoming EP is as beguiling as this song then 2015 promises to be a great year for Laura.

Check out ‘Dream Story’ right here –

Siv Jakobsen – ‘How We Used To Love’ | Music Video

If you are a fan of the likes of Alice Boman or music with that similar Nordic feel then you will love the new offerings of Siv Jakobsen.  This new track is titled ‘How We Used To Live’ and is a beautifully haunting song that comes hand in hand with a stunning set of visuals, set where I can only imagine to be somewhere in Norway, of which is where this young emerging star was born and raised.

Siv’s vocals are utterly captivating and the whole aesthetic of this gentle ballad is stunning and you will almost feel your heart aching when you hear it – with the lo-fi guitars, chilling piano riffs and vocals of an angel (with a kind of darker edge).  ‘How We Used To Love’ is not for the weak hearted, but do not fear Siv’s beautiful tone somehow manages to ease you into a safe place so you know it will all be okay.

Check out the latest video and see all the beautiful settings Norway (I think) have to offer, along with a song that will leave you breathless –

Lusts – ‘Temptations’ | New Music

Lusts is a dark pop duo made up of Andy and James Stone, brothers from Leicester in the off set of their career, and they are already offering us some extremely exciting sounds.  They are taking us back in time to the 80’s which is as equally refreshing as it is over due, and with their debut single ‘Temptations’ they are providing an all round flash back with a modern twist and it is nothing short of genius.

AA-side single “Temptation”/”Cross” will be released on the 2nd of March via 1965 Records and the brothers are also set to perform at Dalston’s Birthdays on the 27th of January, of which will be their second ever show.

Check out Temptations below –