Shura – ‘Indecision’ | Music Video

The Anglo-Russian singer and producer Shura has just released the visuals for ‘Indecision’ which is her first single since she signed with Polydor back in September. Shura has the same nack for creating breathy subtle and sensual music that Jessie Ware has, and its such a refreshing take on Electronic/pop music. This new single is simply stunning and completely addictive with its 70’s/80’s infused element layered with that 90’s RnB.

The visuals for this track are just as brilliant, as the themes are based around a journey and a change, and give a beautiful take on gender, sexuality and identity assumptions. What is so great is that this all leads to questions, and the viewers own interpretations of what Shura’s vision was. The themes of the video are subtle and compelling and coincide so perfectly with the whole aesthetic of the track, which leaves no question as to how the song was in New Music We Trust-listed at Radio 1, and reached iTunes’ Top 10 on the Electronic chart.

Shura was also recently listed for the BBC Sound Poll, and has just been confirmed for SXSW, and as well as all of this she is currently writing and recording songs for her debut album, that is due for release later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for that date.

Shura really is a women with a plan as she just seems to constantly be on the rise, so check out her latest offering right here –


Siv Jakobsen – ‘How We Used To Love’ | Music Video

If you are a fan of the likes of Alice Boman or music with that similar Nordic feel then you will love the new offerings of Siv Jakobsen.  This new track is titled ‘How We Used To Live’ and is a beautifully haunting song that comes hand in hand with a stunning set of visuals, set where I can only imagine to be somewhere in Norway, of which is where this young emerging star was born and raised.

Siv’s vocals are utterly captivating and the whole aesthetic of this gentle ballad is stunning and you will almost feel your heart aching when you hear it – with the lo-fi guitars, chilling piano riffs and vocals of an angel (with a kind of darker edge).  ‘How We Used To Love’ is not for the weak hearted, but do not fear Siv’s beautiful tone somehow manages to ease you into a safe place so you know it will all be okay.

Check out the latest video and see all the beautiful settings Norway (I think) have to offer, along with a song that will leave you breathless –

CallMeTheKidd – ‘Jungle’ | Music Video

Hailing from North London and rapidly rising from the underground scene, since opening for an array of artists such as Ghetts, Chipmunk, and MOBO award winner Stormzy, the brilliant CallMeTheKidd (AKA Peter Elegbede) is here bringing you his new single “Jungle”, which will be out on December 8. This track is taken from his debut EP 2ND2N: The Movie and the single comes hand in hand with a stand out video where you will literally be taken to the jungle with him and his smoking hot date.

CallMeTheKidd nearly followed a career in professional basketball in America, however, he instead found his true calling in the form of writing and producing Grime music, he says

I started off with grime music but I now write & produce all sorts of music – Rap, Pop, RnB“.

The production of “Jungle” is amazingly tight, which coincided with a extremely catchy beat and set of lyrics, creates a track destined to succeed. The themes of the single are all about the goings on in a man’s head when he first meets a woman, and then the aspects of love working against the urge of lust are incorporated as he battles a conflict of desires in his head.

“Jungle” sits very close to Peter’s heart as he has vowed to donate all of the project’s proceeds towards Macmillan Cancer Support, after devastatingly losing a close family member to a 7-year battle with cancer very recently. Peter has self-pressed over 500 copies of his EP on CD, and is giving them away, with the purpose of just getting his music out there and heard. With his heart and head more in the music as opposed to a lot of peoples focus on the money, CallMeTheKidd’s attitude is inspirational and a perfect example to aspiring musicians all over the UK. Check out the video for “Jungle” right here.

Kyra – ‘Bandages’ | Music Video

West London based singer-songwriter Kyra has now unveiled the visuals for her stunning single “Bandages”, which is the second track to be taken from her highly anticipated debut EP of the same name. The single is such a beautiful song and is compiled with pure emotion, this emotion however, unfortunately comes at the devastating loss of her brother of whom the song is dedicated to –

Bandages was written for my brother at a time when I believed he would live. It brought him and everyone that heard it hope. Although we sadly lost him, the song still brings me comfort, and I hope it can bring other people a sense of hope”.

You can feel, when listening to the song, every ounce of honesty and pain she so honourably shares with us, which makes the song so real and raw and it completely captivates the listener. “Bandages” was co-written with Maiday (Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis) and Fred Cox (Etta Bond, MNEK) and comes as the stand out track from her EP and is an enchanting but boldly honest story, that is sure to comfort and bring hope to those in times of despair, but is also just a generally beautiful song, with a video to match. Check out the video right here.

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Tom Prior – Bad Advice | Music Video

If the likes of Jake Bugg or Arctic Monkeys make a regular appearance on your playlists then you will love the music being created from the young and uberly talented Tom Prior. He returns following the release of “The Altar” last month, and now unveils his debut video and title track “Bad Advice” from his forthcoming EP.

“Bad Advice” is an offering of real genuine music that is compiled of passion and honestly, and is an extremely catchy up tempo track that Tom describes as the most ‘bitter’ track he has ever written –

I was in a really bad place towards the end of last year and I had to dig deep to work out how I could move on positively. Somewhere a long the line I put my trust in the wrong people and began to make decisions that were against my gut instinct, never again”.

The video is simple, but put together with intricate detailing, and it’s the first time we see his face during this campaign, after an array of smoke covered press shots, so this video comes as a nice unveiling, not just for the song but for Tom as well. Great stuff Tom, keep the tunes coming please, I had a hole in my iTunes that you just filled. Check out the video right here.

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FKA Twigs – ‘Video Girl’ | Music Video

FKA Twigs has been making some of the freshest music of late and just when you thought you had seen it all, she drops the brand new video, directed by Kahil Joseph, for her song “Video Girl”, taken from her Mercury Prize nominated debut album LP1. “Video Girl” is a document to being recognized as the ‘girl from the video’ as if you were not already aware she used to work as a dancer in other artists’ videos, and now with this stunning track, she gets to be not just another face in the music but THE FACE and THE VOICE – both of which are equally captivating. The video is shot in black and white, and holds a completely different aesthetic to what she has previously been seen in, with a dark and dramatic over tone and the rapidly rising star looking extremely seductive and bad ass with some Halloween holiday appropriate jewelry on her face and dancing during a prison execution. Check it out here, and see the latest addition to the sensational video collection she has been building herself.

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Caitlyn Scarlett – ‘Sunset Cigarette’‏ | Music Video

Following the amazing success of her debut release “Bad Love”, that garnered over 180,000 plays to date, the beautiful Caitlyn Scarlett, who is only 19, now debuts the raw, stunning, and self-directed video for her single “Sunset Cigarette”, an intense acoustic, and memory-led story, that is taken off her 2014 EP Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs which was released earlier this year. The video for this track was filmed in LA and is based upon the theme of memories, and takes a trip down memory lane with the girl whom the song is written about.

To explore this theme, Scarlett hand picked projections that are then featured in the visuals. The visuals for the track coincide so perfect with the theme of the song as both are so raw, unique and delicate and come with a vintage and old style attitude that comes across highly artistic and equally first class.

“I wanted the video to have a vintage sort of class about it so filming around Hollywood and Downtown with all the palm trees and old hotels seemed perfect“,

explained Scarlett in speaking about her video. Check out the video montage right here.

This was written by me on behalf of  –  a We Plug GOOD Music  Blog.