Elephant Micah X Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – ‘Demise Of The Bible Birds’ | New Music

Joseph O’Connell, aka Elephant Micah, his set to release his latest album Where In Our Woods on January 20th via Western Vinyl.  This will be his 12th album release and yet the first to be released via a major record label as in the past he has self released his albums or worked with small labels. This release follows teaser tracks “By the Canal” and “Slow Time Vultures”, and now the Indiana folk genius has teamed up with Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy for a new single entitled “Demise of the Bible Birds”.

O’Connell and Bonnie make for a brilliant duo as the two different sets of vocals harmonise together so coherently and accentuate each others own unique sounds.

Stream the new track below and keep your eyes peeled for the album release because it promises to be winner.