Robyn Sherwell – ‘Pale Lung’ | New Music

Ever fallen for someone you weren’t supposed to ? ….

Well then you will be able to truly empathise with the beautiful and highly entrancing new track from the stunning British new comer Robyn Sherwell.  The latest song is titled ‘Pale Lung’ and has a real laid back R&B vibe that is incredibly emotional but still remains accessible to a listener.

The track is all about the mixture of guilt and desire at that moment when you feel a spark or fall for someone you know you really shouldn’t pursue…. which lets be honest must be something we have all experienced.  If you haven’t felt this then I’m sorry but I’m sure that feeling will hit you at some point in the future, and when it does I hope ‘Pale Lung’ is the first thing that comes into your head.

I have heard a couple of Robyn’s singles over the past year, and even though they have garnered her lots of online support, this track to me has stepped it up a level and demonstrates her real unique sound and style.  A lot of artists try this niche but many try and fail, but it appears that this singer songwriter is here to stay, and with soothing vocals like those I cant wait to hear what’s next.

This delicate song is RnB meets pop with a soulful edge and it will take you into a different world, so check it out right here and let the music work its magic –


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