COMING SOON !!!! | ÒLAH BLISS – ’13:20′ EP | New Music

ÒLAH BLISS is the definition of a powerful goddess who is certain to be an icon for girls everywhere, and this icon is about to come smashing onto the music scene when she releases her debut EP that is set to teach the world about sexuality, liberation and shattering conventions, and the class starts at 13:20, and trust me you don’t want to be late.

The classroom is ÒLAH’s transcendental debut EP – ‘13:20′ and she brings these themes through her experimental soul sound and sensual, erotic, highly captivating and flawless production that has an essence of Bjork infused with vocals that will bring forward memories of Macy Gray with a touch of Erykah Badu.

ÒLAH BLISS uses her debut ‘13:20′ to capture the moment when a woman finds liberation in her power, and the overall line up of 13:20 is strong and powerful but yet remains delicate and beautiful taking inspiration from an array of sounds and eras. 13:20 denotes the time ÒLAH BLISS was born and her 13:20 debut EP marks her rebirth.

The EP is out on the 25th of February and you can check out an official cheeky video preview of track ‘School Me’ that features ÒLAH and artist Dwele right here.  So wet those appetites and get ready for an EP that promises to empower, entertain, seduce and most importantly bring ÒLAH BLISS into the spotlight that she deserves.


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