Siv Jakobsen – ‘How We Used To Love’ | Music Video

If you are a fan of the likes of Alice Boman or music with that similar Nordic feel then you will love the new offerings of Siv Jakobsen.  This new track is titled ‘How We Used To Live’ and is a beautifully haunting song that comes hand in hand with a stunning set of visuals, set where I can only imagine to be somewhere in Norway, of which is where this young emerging star was born and raised.

Siv’s vocals are utterly captivating and the whole aesthetic of this gentle ballad is stunning and you will almost feel your heart aching when you hear it – with the lo-fi guitars, chilling piano riffs and vocals of an angel (with a kind of darker edge).  ‘How We Used To Love’ is not for the weak hearted, but do not fear Siv’s beautiful tone somehow manages to ease you into a safe place so you know it will all be okay.

Check out the latest video and see all the beautiful settings Norway (I think) have to offer, along with a song that will leave you breathless –