Jake Bugg Live @ First Direct Arena, Sunday, October 19 | Music Review

The First Direct Arena was set for an incredible night of live music with festival favourite Jake Bugg headlining the show, in conjunction with the celebration of the venues first birthday and the 25th anniversary of the bank. So the night promised to deliver a unique blend of celebration and sensational music, and that it did, with two support acts both bringing something unique and equally captivating to the arena. And of course Mr Bugg provided a ground breaking performance that was a true testament as to why he has previously been nominated for a World Music Award for Best Live Act, as he really does set an example for artists everywhere on how to perform live like an absolute Legend, which he no doubt will become.

The first band on to the stage was Leeds based four piece Skinny Living who completely blew me away. If you are not clued up on these guys, then you would have had no idea that they are an unsigned band, who before that night had only played gigs with a record of up to 2,000 people, and all of a sudden they were giving a first class performance to a sold out arena of up to 11,000.

I haven’t heard modern music like theirs that holds a real vintage, classic style sound so authentic and raw and bursting with energy, since Jake Bugg came on the scene, so they really were a perfect act to warm up the show. These young guys also launched their brand new single “Mother Earth” at the gig, which made me feel like I had gone back in time and I was watching the gig in black and white, and they just filled the surprisingly intimate arena with such a feel good atmosphere.

What is so great about Skinny Living’s music is that every song is relateable to an audience and that provided a real personal touch to their set. These guys also have the song writing ability to create music with variety that still carries through a distinct sound which makes their music uniquely their own but yet never boring. The way in which Skinny Living perform, act and present themselves show true promise of a band that are destined to reach new levels, and I seriously hope they do, as I cannot wait to hear more of their unique and entertaining sound!

Next on to the stage were fast emerging Irish folk-pop duo Hudson Taylor, also known as brothers Harry and Alfie, who started off busking in the streets of Dublin. Hudson Taylor was formed in 2011 and have already established themselves quite the fan base, which appeared clear, by the incredibly warm welcome they received from the audience. That or they just gave a performance of true professionals, either way, they left the stage that night with thousands more fans.

Their set begun with numerous acoustic guitars spreading their spine tingling riffs and layers all over the venue, filling the room with a true sense of presence whilst the young brothers owned the stage and performed like a headline act. Harry and Alfie have an abundance of charm and charisma that was showcased that night, not only in their music but by their natural performing qualities. This was demonstrated no where more crystal clear than when they performed recently released single “Chasing Rubies”, which is an absolutely beautiful song that grew even more spectacular live, as the emotion became more real, and the rawness of the boys’ voices was overwhelming and utterly captivating.

When the guys performed their song “Weapons”, the echoing chants in the chorus gave me goosebumps and had me and the entire audience completely enchanted, and brought a real sentimental atmosphere to the arena, one of which I was only expecting to happen when Jake Bugg performed. Hudson Taylor really have stepped out of the stereotypical indie band and have brought a completely unique sound, that is almost genre defying whilst still remaining classic. Their performance really did set a standard, of one you do not usually expect from a support act, garnering a full house of appreciation from the audience close to the level Mr Bugg was due to receive.

And last to grace the stage was the man of the moment, the winner of the UK Festival Award for Best Breakthrough Act and a list more, the one and only Jake Bugg. Jake appeared on stage and without saying a word, he got straight into his first track which was “Messed Up Kids”, a song off his second album Shangri La that was released in November last year. Jake has an effortlessly cool (could be perceived as arrogant) way about him, that I personally lap up, in the same way I did with the likes of the Gallaghers and Alex Turner.

It makes them seem untouchable and Jake has that same attitude and just embodies a Superstar without it coming across as a cliché, it is simply just cool and exhilarating to watch. That is simply talking about how his attitude takes his whole performance to new heights, and I haven’t even mentioned his musical abilities yet, which quickly summed up was vocally perfect, hair raising and one of the best live performances I have ever seen.

Jake’s voice live was better than perfect as he is one of those rare talents that actually sounds better live, because his voice is filled with more emotion and the rawness of the open arena just empowers the raspy, old town style of his tone. The next song on the agenda was a real fan favourite “Seen It All”, which was the sixth single to be released from his self titled debut album, and this was when I really felt the audience come alive, and the room turned in to thousands of Jake Bugg impersonators.

There were a few beautiful and surreal moments though, throughout Jake’s set, that really did bring the arena to a silence. These blissful moments happened on songs such as “Country Song”, “This Is A Song About Love” and on his second to last song of the night and one of my all time favourites, the stunning single “Broken”. I have to admit when Jake poured his heart into every word and every hypnotic note from the acoustic style he performed “Broken”, it brought tears to my eyes, because witnessing that song live was one of those indescribable moments where you just get captured by the song and seem to forget everything else around you, and that’s when it really pulls at your emotions, which is something Jake did so naturally.

The words from that song soared throughout my head for the rest of the night –

have become all I lost and all I hoped for / But I must carry on / Always one, never broken

I mean not only has Jake got one of the best voices in music right now but the lyrics of his songs are nothing short of poetic masterpieces, and there is no place you hear the lyrics more clear than in a live gig, as you get taken on a journey with the performer and you hear every word as if its directed straight at you. There is no other or better word to describe Jake Bugg’s set other then legendary.

The final song of the night was one of his most famous singles, the uplifting “Lightening Bolt”, which once again sent a shock of energy and somewhat chaos throughout the audience, which of course is what you want the end result to be from a live show. This song really highlighted Jakes unique blend of retro folk weaved with blistering infusions of contemporary rock riffs, that was a theme occurring throughout each act previous, but no where was it more aspirational and effortlessly achieved than in Jake’s set.

When Jakes set came to an end, I was inflated with a sense of achievement, for some reason having seen him live felt like something I could tick off my bucket list as it has been something I have wanted to do since I first heard him on the radio a few years ago. It was everything you want from a gig, it was bursting with unique, mind seducing talent that leaves your stomach circling with butterflies and overflowing with energy and just a real self contentment. I have to say Jake Bugg’s third studio album cannot come soon enough, and here’s to hoping another UK tour is close behind.

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Ed Prosek Live @ Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Tuesday, September 09 | Review

Zigfrid Von Underbelly is a unique and crazy DJ Bar / Live Music Venue in Hoxton that supports Indie-pendent Music, and is will known for its array of authentic, varied and sensational talent gracing the stages. The reputation of Zigfrid’s is exactly why I randomly decided to take my tired, Tuesday evening to its presence in the hope of some atmosphere and good tunes, and it must have been the work of a higher power because the act that I arrived just in time to see setting up, was a real eye opener and the sort of performance that haunts your mind for days and days after, and leaves you feeling better off then when you woke up that morning.

The performance I am putting in such suspense came from Orange County native Mr Ed Prosek, who kindly brought his original, eclectic flavour of orchestral folk/pop/brilliance to Brighton in 2010, and he continues to release his musical magic into the UK singer song-writer scene, rapidly establishing himself as a true up and coming artist with serious and undeniable prospects. You may actually be reading this unaware you have already sung a long to one of Ed’s songs, or he may be the reason as to why your fridges are always full with Cathedral City Cheese – because in fact Ed ‘s single ‘Homeward Bound’ was the soundtrack for their ad campaign back in 2012.

Any way back to the show …….. Ed comes with a voice that is powerful, professional and poised ready for arenas but yet still it is unique and raw enough for intimate shows like the one I witnessed. Ed kick started his set with a track entitled ‘Home’ that is set to be released as part of a fourth coming EP due out in October. The song was a knock out and one of those rare and beautiful moments when you can completely lose any sense of reality, and can just be taken somewhere more beautiful, or in this case simply – Home. I think the people upstairs must have heard Ed’s voice as the room began to get more and more full, leading Ed on to his next song of which was a cover of the legendary Bob Dylan’s ‘Moonshiner’. However the song may be Dylan’s but Ed appeared to be taken his inspiration from The Punch Brothers version of the track as it came with a more modern authenticity. Nonetheless no matter what version Ed was challenging, it is safe to say ‘Moonshiner’ is now a track by Ed Prosek, as he sung it with such clarity and originality that you feel unaware of any previous version, which just goes to show the true distinction between his and other cover attempts.

Ed went on to sing an array of songs from his previous EP’s ‘Willow Tree’ and ‘California’ and he even sung a song that he said was untitled as he explained he sometimes struggles to name his songs, this left a real honesty and modesty to his performance, and in my opinion his songs are so strong, real and utterly captivating that no names are needed any way, they name themselves. However next was EP title track ‘California’ of which was Ed’s debut release back in 2012 and earned him several thousands of sales, which is not surprising as the song is one of those singles that will always remain as one of the artists most iconic tracks. ‘California’ is a rare gem, and is about California from the perspective of living in England.  

Oh she may not have the brains or the class but God she’s got the looks, and when you wake you’ll quickly find California’s got you hooked

Soar Ed’s beautiful vocals, and I’m not sure about Cali (due to the fact I have never been) but boy Ed sure has me hooked!!! The single is complex, deep and yet somehow simplistic, with the musicality and intricacy, mixed with the raw and rustic acoustic sound, the overall creation as utter genius.

Ed’s final song was a track entitled ‘Hold On Tight’ which is off his what should be a critically acclaimed Orchestral bands EP. That’s right Ed’s skills set is certainly not limited, as he is the son of an opera composer, and has years of study at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and a stint with the notable Magik*Magik Orchestra, leading Eds undeniable God-given talents to emerge even more trained and nurtured in a Classical form. This professional essence of Ed’s sound aviates’ from every single song, and is no where more apparent than in his vocal ability. He has a very rare and unique voice that overflows with raw and natural brilliance, and his training and classical background just elevates Ed’s sound into new levels leaving him a force to be reckoned with!!

Oh wait he got summoned for an Encore, big surprise there ….. Or not since I was one of the audience members screaming for more, but never the less Ed was thrilled to continue and looked extremely grateful to have been welcomed into the venue in such a big way. The actual finale was a stunning and intimate song about really young love known as ‘Sonoma’. This track may be hidden in the ‘California’ EP but it is a song that should not be missed. It starts out as a gentle simplistic song that matures gradually throughout to become a beautiful and solid all round respectable piece of art, and really gave a natural end to the show, leaving the audience with a sense of closure and contentment.

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Basheba Live @ The Bedford, July 29 | Review For We Plug G.O.O.D Music

The beautiful and sensational songstress Basheba took to the stage at the legendary Bedford in Balham, which as a venue has established a reputation as one of the most important and critically acclaimed venues in the country, and has had the likes of The Clash and U2 grace its stages in their early days. And now it was London’s singer/songwriter Basheba’s turn, and she did not look or perform like an artist with just 2 singles under her belt, as she performed with effortless style, edge and evocative emotion that portrayed a star with countless hits and chart success, which after seeing her live, appears the exact direction she will heading.

Basheba kick started her set with her debut and critically acclaimed single “No More” that which gained her masses of support from an array of fans and tastemakers alike, including MTV Base, BBC 1Xtra and SBTV among others. Seeing her perform the track live elevated it to a completely new level with the added touch of atmosphere and the stripped back rawness you gain from a live show. When listening to Basheba, you are utterly captivated – she takes influences from a variety of styles with her vocals pulling at Blues and Gospel sounds that contrast so beautifully to the hard edged drum and bass beats that her music is overflowing with.

Basheba is not just a stunning singer who knows how to style, she is also a storyteller, as every song she performed had an evocative narrative that took the audience on a journey, and you could really feel every emotion along with her – that as an artist really excels her into new realms. What gives Basheba’s music another unique blend and definitive sound is her Bajan roots which she is so clearly inspired by, and this really brings life to every song, adding an extra flavour that separates her from the rest and makes her a truly exciting and dangerous young talent.

When Basheba told the audience her next track needed a guest to help her out on stage, I got excited as this meant she was about to dive into her latest and second single release, the incredible new single “Dirty Love (Your Love)” which features her old school friend Jordan Reece on vocals. This song brought a whole new burst of energy into the room as it is such an atmospheric track and both their vocals combined is sheer beauty, as they subtly blend together so delicately that you feel every word they sing as if it is one voice. The contrast works in complete harmony, and live with a band just added even more depths to an already intricate and stunning song.

Basheba finished her set with a new track entitled “Shade” which is off her forthcoming EP, and gave us another taster of things to come. This fresh emerging star over flows with talent and this song really accentuated her true vocal ability and demonstrated just how authentic her music really is. With influences from an array of genres, natural narrative skills, and a voice unlike any one else, Basheba really is one to watch and with her imminent EP release dawning upon us, which will no doubt bring her further out of the shade and shine a light on her true capabilities, I cant see any stopping this sensational songstress, and I think the future really is bright for Basheba.

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Little Simz Live @ The Shacklewell Arms, June 18 | Review For We Plug G.O.O.D Music

The tension began to build in the small but intimate venue of Dalston’s The Shacklewell Arms for the highly anticipated arrival of young North London hailing rising superstar Little Simz. The excitement was undeniable as the room began to fill and you could spot true fans a mile a way, already getting themselves set up as close to the stage as possible. With the atmosphere set and venue filled to the brim, the girl with four mixtapes, and a debut EP under her belt, came bursting onto the stage. Little Simz immediately looked at home and not only with her overwhelmingly cool confident attitude, but in her over all appearance, she was rocking some blue and white dungarees, a red hat and her distinctive front plait that she has so naturally made her own.

Little Simz may only be 20 years old, but you should not let that fall you, as she really does hold a lyrical punch and attitude that could be confused with a grown woman who has been performing for decades. She has a sound that she describes as “Rap, Experimental, with elements of Rock” and she is often nicknamed ‘Princess of Rap’, and after witnessing her live, I could not agree more. I saw the true potential of a girl that could well grow to be the ‘Queen of Rap’, as she owned the stage and completely showed off her lyrical skill and her own unique style which her fans so truly love. Simz performed songs off her debut EP E.D.G.E which was released the same day as her show and is an acronym for for her motto Every Day Gets Easier, and you could really hear the progression and maturation within her style and sound, and the transition she has made as an artist since her mixtape releases.

A true testament to this transition was when Simz performed the song “Quest Luv” with guest Tilla. This song was such a change from the usual chaotic and more hard verbal delivery that we are used to hearing, as the tone of the music changed with the sound of the piano over a slowed down drum pattern and the sensational soulful vocals of 15-year old Tilla, that added a real emotional edge, that hits a lot deeper than her past work has previously touched upon. The song speaks upon an unsuccessful relationship and echoes a darker, more poetic edge than we have been accustomed to, and this really demonstrates the dynamic growth of Simz and the direction in which she is heading as an artist.

However this is not to disregard any of Little Simz’ previous work, because without her previous mixtapes, this young talent would not be where she is today, and these were the tracks that have gained her such committed and long term fans who filled the venue where I was standing. Not only that but without Blank Canvas her mixtape which was released last year, Simz would not have been thrust into the star light, with her mixtape being premièred on Jay Z’s Life + Times in September 2013. And it was songs from this mixtape and even earlier work including tracks off her XY.ZED mix tape, that when performed, really sent the crowd into a frenzy, and showed real commitment and love for this young star. Simz dropped verses of lyrical genius and musical passion and appeared to be glowing on that stage, whether that was because she looked like she belonged on that stage or because she was just so exhausted from every ounce of energy she put into each track and every hard hitting beautifully carved drop.

There is something to be said for the amount of energy and passion Simz put into every single song, verse, and lyric she performed, and this did not fade throughout her whole set, which just accentuates Simz’s true potential and the amount of hunger she has for what she does and what she wants to achieve. She spoke in her show about never giving up and how everything is possible, and this is something that she herself has proved alone, and should be an example for young people everywhere. Little Simz gave an emotional, passionate, honest and admirable performance and for me, sold her debut EP with that performance alone, and I look forward to seeing what this rising star takes on next, but I have no doubts that she is on the EDGE of something special.

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Midé Live @ The Underbelly, June 03 | Review For We Plug G.O.O.D Music

The Underbelly in Hoxton Square is a venue renowned for being a great place to enjoy live music. With its edgy and intimate setting, it provides a real sociable and interactive atmosphere to bask in excellent live performances, and the reputation of the venue was well lived up to on Tuesday, June 3, 2014, with three outstanding sets, including a stand-out performance from headliner Midé, whose set demonstrated vocals of a true star, and lyrics that accentuated this musicians utter talent and passion for music.

First on stage to support Midé was young North London R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Juliyaa, who came on with such confidence and charisma which immediately drew the audience in and captured everyone’s attention. Juliyaa has such an amazing set of vocals that introduces and showcases her diverse musical influences, and consists of a real array of pitches and tones – this was so beautifully demonstrated when she sung “Good For Nothing”. The song started upbeat in which she got to let loose and show us some real energy and powerful tones with a more urban music vibe, but then there was a section in the song where the tempo changed and she slowed it down and we got to see a more acoustic and soulful side to her sound with a real haunting harmony, and this song really accentuated her technical ability as a singer/songwriter.

What was so great about Juliyaa’s set was the way in which she interacted with her band and the audience, because with the venue’s really chilled and intimate vibe, you need the performer on stage to own the room and to show you a good time, which Juliyaa so naturally proved. The stunning Soul singer performed songs from her eagerly anticipated EP Somerset Close, including a track entitled “Mamma Said” which ended her set. This song has real potential and sounded like that of a true professional, and a chart topping songstress, which she so naturally seems to inhibit. Throughout Juliyaa’s set, I noticed just how fresh and unique her style of music is and how she touches upon such a variety of genres including African tribal sounds, UK Urban/Dubstep, elements of Electronic Music, R&B and soul, all that combined with her stunning array of vocals mix up to create her own individual brand that she has entitled ‘Rhythmic Soul’ which is a true testament to the performance I witnessed.

Next to grace the stage were recently created Welsh band Nights, consisting of four young guys who have the complete package of what I like to see in a band. They all had an air of confidence about their persona, and lead singer Anthony Smith who introduced them looked nothing short of a true star on that stage, and as a group they just seemed to piece together as a band that you would have guessed have been touring and playing together for years and years. The first line to come out of Anthony Smith’s mouth immediately sold their set for me and I knew I was in for an absolute star quality performance.

Nights have an extremely fresh sound that touches upon a mixture of genres and qualities including Rock & Indie styles, experimenting with Electronic beats and real edges of Grunge, and all combined with 3 remarkable guitarists, a stand out drummer and vocals that utterly blew my mind, and not to mention attitude and charisma that exploded their performance to another level. What truly made these lads stand out though was the uniqueness of tones and rasps in the vocals, for me there is nothing better when watching live music, than when you get a vocalist who has your complete attention, and provides you with a sound that you have never heard before, and that is exactly how I felt when watching Nights.

These guys performed a variety of songs, even a track that contained no lyrics just an instrumental, and yet I was still as transfixed, which truly demonstrates the quality of their musical abilities. Their final song was entitled “Know No Other”, for which they invited a friend Fernquest, who had co-written the song, onto the stage to perform with them. What ended the show was utter brilliance, the lyrics and vocals combined was genius and how they mixed in rap with their edgy and rocky sound was highly professional and created a track that has the potential for greatness.

Finally, headline act and the man of the moment, London singer/songwriter Midé came onto the stage and what happened next is extremely hard to accentuate via writing, however I am going to do my utmost to truly explain the passion, musicianship, talent and star quality that Midé so naturally and modestly explodes with. Midé kicked his set off with a track entitled “Unlikely” from his debut album E.G which was released at the end of March this year and gained him recognition from the likes of MTV, MOBO, SBTV and BBC 1Xtra.

Midé is one of those rare talents that are extremely hard to find anymore, as he resembles the essence of live music, and by this, I mean I have listened to his album and previous EPs, and was completely blown away by his vocal ability, the melodies and lyrics of every song, and yet I still prefer the unedited, raw and live performance that I saw. Midé live is something that is not seen every day and neither is his vocal excellence, he has a way of connecting with a listener, and fills the room with a sense of ease and comfort. The uniqueness in Midé’s sound comes from the subtle arrays of genres in which his music echoes, from the rawness of acoustic, the smoothness of Soul, the rhythm of Blues, edges of soft Rock and hitting on Reggae beats, that all combine to create this beautiful sound. The combination of his soulful voice with sensationally skillful guitar playing reflects artists such as Eric Clapton, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran and John Mayer who could be seen as influences (however I think its safe to say Midé sounds like Midé).

It’s not only Midé’s sound that is so impressive, but it is his whole attitude and every ounce of charisma that he inhibits, and this was demonstrated when he performed the song “Hilda”, and he explained he had never performed the song live before and was extremely excited to do so as he wanted to get the whole audience doing a dance routine. Every song has its own rhythm and uniqueness that creates variety and excitement, but yet he has this sound that follows through every song to maintain his own individuality. Midé shook things up a bit when he performed his cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love?”, and it was one of the best Bob Marley covers I have ever heard, he kept a Reggae musical backdrop flowing throughout, but then gave it his own spin which kept his uniqueness echoing through, and this is extremely admirable and rare to hear, when listening to such a famous cover. He then kept the Reggae beat lasting with his own song “Any Which Way” which is also off the E.G album, and really added to the good times we were all so clearly having.

Midé started finishing up his set with “Mainstream”, a song from both his 2013 EP of the same name and his recent debut album E.G. He explained how important this song was for him, as it has done a lot for his career and helped him to get to where he is right now. With Midé singing

“wake me, I’m asleep, I’m in a daydream, wake me“,

I was taken away on his journey and it made me realise that music is not what Midé does, it is who he is. This song was finished up with Midé jamming with the band, which accentuated their musical capabilities and passion for the art.

When finished with this song, I was in no way surprised when he was requested/screamed at for an encore by the audience (me being one of them). He asked the audience who among them had followed his career right from the start, and it appeared that the majority of the venue had. He then went on to test them by singing “Travellin’ Light” from his debut EP from back in 2011, and it was such an amazing moment to see his true fans sing along to every word with him. It just ended the show with such good feelings and clarity, and it was so clear that Midé was right where he belonged, singing and playing to real fans, and gaining new ones every step of the way.

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JP Cooper Live @ Kensington Roof Gardens, May 16 | Review For We Plug G.O.O.D Music

The line up for the latest Live at the Roof Gardens had already set the night up to be one to remember, and the evening followed through with all the greatest expectations. The four acts that performed in the beautiful and exclusive Kensington Roof Gardens were utterly mind blowing, each bringing their own individuality and uniqueness to the stage as well as vocal performances that transformed the room into silence and captured the attention of even the loudest of groups.

The night was hosted by Jamie Howard who brought the whole show together and added a real comic edge to the evening, and the first act he introduced to the stage was fast growing Raheem Bakare who I have previously had the pleasure of reviewing. Raheem has a way about him that just has you transfixed to his whole performance. He started his set by singing a cover of Sam Smith’s #1 single “Stay With Me” and his version was utterly beautiful, and it was the perfect way to start the evening as the whole room was immediately mesmerized. Raheem looks and behaves like he belongs on stage as he just seems so calm and confident which makes his shows so enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

He also performed a cover of Awolnation’s “Sail” that I have since searched and searched for on You tube to no luck I’m afraid, but hopefully soon Raheem will give in to my demands and upload it somewhere so I can re-live that beautiful cover. Raheem has an amazing vocal range as well as having such smooth and soft tones, and he has only excelled since I last saw him live in April, which truly emphasizes how much potential this young star has. When he performed his own song “Portrait of Love“, it demonstrated not only his vocal excellence but his song-writing ability as well as his passion for music, and I look forward to the next time I get to see this fast rising star perform.

Next to grace the stage was Manchester’s own JJ Rosa who brought a whole new atmosphere to the room with her funkadelic sound and warming personality which was bursting with charisma. Signed to Warner. Bros Records and S-Curve Records, this lady was an absolute sensation to watch, her vocals blew me away, and contained an essence of Paloma Faith combined with Prince and the late Amy Winehouse, whilst still remaining true to herself and the array of uniqueness she demonstrates. Her tracks are so engaging with their catchy melodies and riffs, and her style of music which spans from Rock, Soul, Jazz and Pop whilst touching upon Blues and Hip Hop beats.

With all that combined, the outcome that it creates is this stunning sound that is impossible to hear without making you want to start dancing, even the oldest members of the audience were getting their two step on to tracks from her EP Live at the Deaf Institute. Her performance shone with sexiness and attitude and she completely owned the stage, playing the electric guitar with such profession and skill that any musician would be proud of. Her performance was completely tied together with the chemistry between herself, her bassist and drummer and it demonstrated the real star quality JJ has to offer.

Next onto the stage was the Pop and Funk Soul sound of Reading boy band The Parades who brought a new burst of energy on to the stage as well as an exceptional set list of self produced songs including tracks from their amazing 6 track project entitled Six. The Parades looked like a professional group of musicians that should be headlining arenas as they performed with so much attitude and style.

These boys have previously supported the Rogues on their UK Tour and are now working on their debut EP which should be released just in time for Summer, which without doubt means The Parades are going to be featuring on a whole load of playlists this summer. The band are quickly emerging onto the music scene and for a stand out reason, they have their own sound and its of a real high and unique quality, and they have the power to entertain an entire room which demonstrates just how passion and skill can work together to create pure class.

And finally the star of the show was announced onto the stage to a bellow of cheers and screams, and he walked on with such modesty armed with just his guitar and an absolute killer set of vocals. The singing song-writing genius JP Cooper was an absolute sensation on the stage, with his amazing mix up of musical genres that creates a unique musical blend combining the spirit of Gospel music, the smoothness of Neo-Soul, the passion and full rifts of Rock music, with an echo of R&B and Folk music that truly creates the most beautiful sound that should be the definition of authenticity. For one person to capture the attention of an entire room, accentuates just how much of a stand out artist JP Cooper really is. What is so remarkable about him is how cool and modest he remains, he doesn’t seem to realise just how mind blowing he actually is, which is so refreshing and just adds to his appeal.

The beauty of JP’s sound is all in his vocals and this was demonstrated perfectly throughout his set, where he sung songs from his selection of EPs. What I thought was already an over overwhelmingly professional and incredible live performance was topped over the edge when he performed a cover of the legendary Angie Stone’s “I Wish” that was utterly mind blowing, the song gave me chills and filled my entire body with emotion. He succeeded in silencing the entire room with his honestly haunting vocals and brought everyone to a state of complete admiration and awe.

JP Cooper is one incredible talent from Manchester which is a City already famous for its musical legends, and with the way things are quickly moving for JP Cooper, I can see that one day he will be among that lists of legends we speak of. So I think I can speak for everyone when I say a big thank you to Manchester.

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The Scenes Live @ The Great Escape Festival, Saturday 10th May – Review For We Plug G.O.O.D Music

Going into Brighthelm on a sunny Saturday afternoon for the final day of Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, what appeared on the stage truly was a shock to the system. I was completely not ready for what happened when Finnish sensations The Scenes – what appeared to be a young and slightly awkward group of guys – emerged on stage. However as soon as Lead vocalist Konsta Koivisto began to sing, my whole body froze, my eyes stopped blinking and I completely lost sense of where I was. The stage was completely taken over by these boys and their unique and sensational sound, that is a mixture of Rock, Indie, Punk, and Experimental music, something between Hardcore Punk and Progressive Rock.

Konsta Koivisto’s voice has one of the most impressive ranges I have ever heard live, he can sing the highest of notes just as well as he can sing the lowest. He has previously been described as being a male Jonis Joplin, and he is a very unique and expressive performer, he completely owned the room, and did not hold back in demonstrating how the band does their thing. Within two minutes of being on stage, Koivisto took himself over to one of the largest speakers at the front of the stage and climbed on top until he was towering over the audience. Watching him up there, you would have thought he was a long time performer who had been performing for decades at Wembley stadium, and yet the band have only been established since 2009 and they were in a quiet little venue in Brighton.

The Scenes performed songs from their debut album Images Of Animals Crying In Public which was released in April 2013, including debut single “To Fix Revolving Antlers” – a power play track in March 2013 on Finnish national radio station YLEX. Every song that was performed during their Great Escape set had its own sound, but still echoed their unique style throughout, which truly creates the stand out band that The Scenes truly are.

Their sound is so unique and powerful that they have previously been described as sounding like “the Sex Pistols playing Erik Satie“, which after seeing their live performance, I would say is a good example. However even with the similarity, it doesn’t quite enforce how amazing they really were. When previously speaking about their debut album vocalist Konsta Koivisto said,

“we wanted to make an album that leaves no souls untouched, a mixture of violence and beauty, something that makes the listeners go through strong emotions”,

and I think they’ve been able to translate this even to their live shows.

The band is very well known in Finland for their crazy, expressive lights out, live performances bursting with mayhem and mad energy, and when they enter the stage it is almost certain that something will break. However in the performance I saw, nothing actually broke, but I heard their (what I assumed to be) manager explaining that this was an extremely quiet and held back performance for them, which made sense since there was not a massive amount of people out to watch the band which was a real shame. They had a second performance at the Great Escape later that evening which I heard was a whole lot busier (I’m guessing word got around quickly). This Finnish band really does deserve more recognition here in the UK, because the small audience that caught their performance was blown away and I think we were all in awe of what we witnessed. I truly hope they get where they want to, because with a sound like that it would be a crime to music for them to not get heard.

The band finished their set with a song titled “Anorexia Is boring” from their new album Beige, which really demonstrates their quirky and expressive edginess (or just echoes their complete random and craziness), however it was an explosive finish to the show, Koivisto really lost all inhibitions as he was rolling on the floor and pretty much explored every inch of the stage, he was smashing at the drum kit and ended up throwing the microphone on the floor and walking off stage, allowing the rest of the band to continue until they came to a massive finish, where even the guitarist was laying on the floor.

When the band exited the stage, the atmosphere was filled with a complete anticlimax, it just felt utterly strange going back outside to a sunny and civilized environment after just witnessing that, but on the plus side, I think most people knew where they were heading later that night!

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