Jimmy Napes – ‘Give It up’ | New Music

You may not think you know who Jimmy Napes is but trust me you will have heard music he has helped create.  That’s right he may not be a house hold name (YET) but Jimmy has collaborated with some of the biggest names, and biggest singles of last year including a co-writing credit on Sam Smith’s massive hit ‘Stay With Me’, which earned him a Grammy nomination, as well as further behind-the-scenes work with artists such as Disclosure (“Together”), and Mary J. Blige (on her most recent release, The London Sessions).

However now it is Jimmy’s time in the spotlight as he releases his own original track ‘Give It Up’, which was produced by Howard Lawrence from Disclosure.  ‘Give It Up’ is the debut single from his forth coming EP ‘The Making Of Me’ which is due out in the early part of this year.  The track is extremely catchy but not in a frustrating way, it hooks you in with an almost retro undertone and Jimmy’s array of vocals from polished falsetto to his equally strong bottom line vocal, this song is an all round winner and sure to see Jimmy get the recognition he deserves.

Stream the track below and get your self accustomed to the name and sounds of Jimmy Nape


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