Little Simz + Jakwob Ft Caitlyn Scarlett – ‘Time Capsule’ | Best New Music

Little Simz has been paving her own path within the industry ever since she dropped her first bar, and proved that she is a ferocious lyrical genius, that can also be vulnerable and demonstrate slower moments as easily as her infamous high-energy flows. She has also showcased her collaborative abilities, which is hitting the nail on the head with her latest offering, in which she has teamed up with the incredible talents of Jakwob and Caitlyn Scarlett for the drop of this fresh new single titled “Time Capsule“.

This latest track, which was produced by Jakwob combines fusions of Little Simz’ more stand out, aggressive and menacing side with an intimate captivating, sure to be infectious hook from another fast rising star Caitlyn Scarlett, which is such a beautiful combination. The two elements of tone and style weave together so perfectly, and completely compliment each others sound, so effortlessly, that it is clearly another win Simz can add to her collection.

“Time Capsule” is pretty much what the title depicts, with the 20 year old London emcee relaying her different thoughts of ambition and then reflecting on herself as a younger girl and giving her advice and knowledge. These different thoughts are portrayed through different elements of the song, and the different sides of Simz, with her softer more vulnerable side talking to her younger self and then the more spitfire, aggressive side is Simz as the more ambitious passionate rapper we know her to be. All these styles are fused together by the dreamy hook courtesy of Caitlyn, and act as Simz inner voice, of which seems to balance out the different elements and styles portrayed in the single.

“Time Capsule” was premiered by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, and comes as a celebratory release for Simz and Jakwob, after their previous release of “Devour” reached 1 million streams on Soundcloud. Which to me is a great thing in itself, because if after every release together, they hit 1 million listens and decide to release another track, does this mean their collaborations will never stop coming? Because if so, lets be sure that “Time Capsule” follows in the same footsteps, so their releases never stop coming. Listen to “Time Capsule” below and pre-order it on iTunes here.

This was an original article written by me on behalf of We Plug Good Music, Check out the original review here!


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